2014-12-03 12:31 pm
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Is it still uhauling if it's two years in?

I mean in all fairness we've only spent like five weeks together to date...

My partner Star and I have been planning since summer for her to move in with me and just talking vaguely about early next year... until this week. We've decided on February, but haven't settled exact dates yet. It's kind of a long move, distance-wise, and she wanted to follow through on a year at her current job.

We're both really excited and kinda apprehensive, because I've had bad experiences living with a partner in the past (although that was also not a healthy relationship in the first place) and we're playing a fair bit by ear, but... we work well together, and we'll figure it out. And if not, we're both committed to making sure things work okay for both of us.